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Cyber Octopus

Cyber Octopus is a fastest-growing Deeptech Solutions company that provides next-generation products and services in Cybersecurity and Telematics. The Cybersecurity segment provides out-of-the-box solutions to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber incidents, threats, and attacks. The solutions are powered by advanced Threat Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence that provides deep visibility of the enterprise’s security.

Our key capabilities include Large Scale Architecture, Deep Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Web-Scale Platforms, Threat Hunting, High-Performance Systems, Network Protocols & Communications, Machine Learning, Graph Theory, and several others.

The Telematics segment provides advanced location tracking devices, technologies, and software for any type of industry. The innovative telematics solutions help businesses with complete fleet visibility and better insight into every aspect of their vehicles and personnel.

Creative Intelligence is our backbone

Our highly innovative and imaginative workforce is known for their ability to passionately solve the most difficult challenges faced by customers in highly complex environments by imagining new and unique solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Our Goal Is To Make Cybersecurity Training More Effective And Accessible To Students And Professionals. We Achieve This By Providing Essential Training On How To Attack And Defend Systems With Virtual Labs And Real-World Scenarios. We Offer Individual And Corporate Training Packages In Penetration Testing & Red Team Operations, Web Application Penetration Testing, And Cybersecurity Awareness Training.


🧑‍💻 Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Training Company.
🏅ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


"We specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge Cyber Security & Pentesting Hardware tailored to fortify networks and protect online assets.
Our innovative solutions provide robust defense mechanisms, ensuring the resilience of organizations against cyber threats.
Empower your network security with our advanced hardware solutions."


"Our company offers comprehensive cybercrime awareness programs, empowering individuals and organizations with essential knowledge to recognize, prevent, and respond to cyber threats. Through engaging workshops and educational materials, we equip participants with the skills needed to safeguard their digital assets and navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity."